Time to Talk Day: Break the Silence – Start the conversation!

Time to Talk Day: Break the Silence – Start the conversation! Get ready for an important day coming up on Thursday, 1st February – Time to Talk Day! Let’s shine a spotlight on the significance of open conversations about mental health. Last year, we were deeply moved by Norwich City Football Club’s video, which served as a poignant reminder that we may not always be aware of the battles others are facing.

Check out the inspiring video here:


Now, more than ever, let’s seize this opportunity to break the silence. Pick up the phone, reach out, and start that conversation you’ve been putting off. We know that taking the first step can be challenging, but remember, you are not alone on this journey.

There’s a wealth of support available and here are some useful links, to help you take that first step:

1. Mind –  https://lnkd.in/dZtFs84

2. Samaritans –https://lnkd.in/eznu89m

Together, let’s make a difference by:

  • Sharing this post and the thought-provoking video to inspire others to join the conversation.
  • Taking the initiative to connect with someone you’ve been meaning to check in on. It only takes a moment to show someone you care.

By coming together, we can create a supportive community where no one feels alone or stigmatised. Let’s use this Time to Talk Day to make a positive impact on the lives of those around us. Remember, every conversation counts!