April is all about Health and Fitness for your staff!

With hybrid working and changes in the way we now work, it is easy for us lose sight of our health when we are busy focusing on work and deadlines. In turn, this can lead to stress, fatigue and illness.

As an employer, it is important to help support employees balance their physical and mental health. Here are some ideas to help support your employees:

  • Lunchtime jogging/running/walking clubs – you can ensure that this is inclusive for all abilities and that everyone is able to take part in one way or another.
  • Walking meetings – this time of the year (weather permitting) it is great to get out and talk to a colleague in the fresh air to discuss work topics and let the brain flow.
  • Create a walking challenge – set goals for employees or teams to collectively walk a set distance i.e. from Lands’ End to John O’Groats.
  • Corporate gym memberships – talk to local providers to see if you can negotiate a discount for your employees or access these discounts via employee benefits platforms. Some companies even pay a part or whole of the membership cost.
  • Fitness allowance – set a budget and allow employees to purchase items to support them in their fitness goals. It could be a new pair of running shoes, a yoga mat, the cost of entering a race or even an online subscription to a nutritionist.
  • Arrange for onsite fitness classes such as Yoga.
  • HeadSpace – this offers great support around mental health, breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Water – this is simple but it is easy to forget to drink water, especially if you are sitting at a desk all day.
  • Sleep – it’s essential whilst you are active, education around sleep which can be linked into Headspace type apps.

It is worth considering having a strong wellness calendar in place, this will help support you with upcoming events throughout the year and make sure you are prepared for regular communications with employees.