Blue Monday!

Blue Monday! Let’s prepare for Blue Monday on January 15th (also known as the most challenging Monday of the year) by promoting positivity and support in the workplace. Employers should be aware that winter blues are a genuine concern, and it’s essential to maintain the well-being of employees during this time. Here are some friendly suggestions to maintain a positive workplace environment:

1.) Check-In and Chat: Connect with your team members. A virtual coffee break or a one-on-one conversation can make a significant impact.

2.) Emphasise Self-Care: Encourage your employees to prioritise self-care. From going for a walk outside, joining virtual yoga sessions, and using mindfulness apps, create an environment that celebrates happiness and wellness.

3.) Prioritise Mental Health: Remind employees that it’s okay to ask for help. Share resources like EAP’s (if part of your benefits offering) or free mental health support tools.

4.) Address Financial Concerns: Overspending during the holiday season can contribute to employees’ stress. Evaluate your benefits to determine what resources can be offered alongside your EAP. Insurance firms provide access to financial resources, and The Money Charity provides excellent free resources as well.

Remember, it isn’t just about meeting deadlines; it’s about recognising the outstanding people who keep everything running smoothly. Let’s band together to overcome Blue Monday!

If you require assistance locating appropriate support for your team, please reach out to us, and we’ll aid you in identifying the right direction.