Well, what a few weeks! Things are moving at quite a pace, which is great news. Again another client saw our vision and joined the CEB fold. In the companies words, they said;

“Thanks for coming in and being so transparent and integral in your approach; Your authenticity and having the best interests of our business at heart is what engaged us with you unanimously.”

It’s amazing to hear these words from a new client, it’s what inspired me to set up CEB. All that stress, worry, self-doubt has faded and now focusing on delivering exceptional service to more clients.

The main priorities outside of client work this week. Website….. It is almost there I am pleased to say. I am quite excited to launch this in the next few weeks it does look great and would appreciate feedback when I do launch it. Never a dull moment as a business owner, as always it was entertaining as I took the team out into Gloucester to do a photo shoot for our new website. The looks were priceless…….Here is a glimpse of our efforts!

EB Live planning is underway, it always amazes me how much work is involved in doing these events. One thing I had to look at was the little giveaways that everyone seems to give away at these events. What do we do? How much do we need? What do people actually want? Is it a waste of money? So many questions….. which got me thinking. Why don’t we do something different? So we are delighted to announce that instead of flimsy giveaways that you can never quite need! We are being different and we are offering for each (qualifying) HR/FD professional that registers with us, we are donating money to charity. At the end of the two days, we will tally up the number of people that have registered and ask an independent person to draw a name from a hat. That person will get the opportunity to select a charity of their choice for the money go to. I am proud to be doing this and bringing some new thinking to the market place. So if you do pop in to see us I am sorry that we will be lacking in pens and the like 😉 But we will have some nice fizz on ice and you will be doing your bit for charity, so come across and say hello.

In terms of working with business partners, I have some amazing people and companies that I am now working with. It’s a delight to know that we are not alone in our thinking and I am looking forward to strengthening these relationships further.

I was hoping that my sign would have been ready by now but that is still in production. So hopefully by the next edition of my diary things might have moved forward.

Sorry, it is short and sweet in this edition but clients come first 😉

Not forgetting Happy Birthday to Jake who turns 18 this Saturday and Good Luck at Uni Meg, we will miss you.

Enjoy and remember the harder you work the luckier you get.

Best Wishes