I took the decision around 2 months ago to start my own company and wanted to share my weekly updates on the ups and downs of running your own company warts and all!! I am sure, me being me, there will be funny stories to share along the way. I hope you find the weekly update informative, reassuring you are not alone in running your own business and more importantly entertaining!!

So this is why I am doing this………

I started my journey (I know its such a cliché and should be supported by sad music) about 2 months ago.

So why?

I have worked over the years within the employee benefit consultancy Industry. I have had the pleasure to have met some truly inspirational people and equally some people that inspire me not to follow their example!!

I truly have a passion for this industry (not sure at times why!) which surprised me some what as this was not my chosen career path. So after working for some of the larger EB companies who all generally want to offer the client the best service, but due to nature of the beast this can be a struggle. With the battle with being able to deliver truly exceptional service whilst being bound by sales targets and cross selling targets! When these pressures are in place can you really act in the clients best interest?

What next?

So after almost leaving the industry and after many late nights and discussions I decided to set up County Employee Benefits. With the support of my wonderful partner and business partner I set about setting up the company.

Where do you start? Are you doing the right thing? Will people get the concept, what business things do I need to set up, VAT etc? The thoughts running through my mind were endless.

My concept has changed dramatically from where I started. However the one thing that remained was my core values – Honesty, Transparency and Service. These are the foundation that my business is built upon, from these everything fell into place (well almost, its not quite that easy). Everything felt right my objectives were clear and I knew what I wanted to achieve.

I have over the last month spoken with people and companies that also have the same values and reinforced my belief that we can truly offer a great service that is not built on financial models being the key driver. If great service is delivered then clients will trust you and by default trust you with all aspects of their business relating to employees.

I was out running this week and was thinking about what I am trying to achieve when I suddenly realised that I was Jerry Maguire (the girl version anyway) … fewer Clients…. Less money. Without the backdrop of Rod Tidwell in the background shouting, “show me the money”.

Whilst my journey might be a bit rocky at times and there will be times I’m sure, that I might even doubt what I am doing. The one thing that will ring true is the quest to ensure that the client gets the service that they deserve. More importantly I want to make my Partner, kids and family proud and be an inspiration to them.

So each week I will share what’s happened warts and all….. oh and I will tell you all about Andrew next week !!! now off for a well deserved glass of wine to start the weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Nikki@county-group.co.uk M : 07891068240