Well after a wonderful holiday in Crete with the family I am back to it with a bang!!! The reason I choose to do this job is to ensure that we do get time to spend with the family, its why I get up every day. Its not only just about spending time with the family I want to be an inspiration to them, as well as redefining the EB market. I am looking forward to the next holiday already…….

I arrived back to work on Monday full of excitement and vigour ready to take the business to the next level. Albeit a little tired as we did not land until the early hours of Sunday morning.

All I can say is the week has not gone quite according to plan!!!!!!

So the first thing…… Whilst on holiday I decided that I would do a little bit of work to keep on top of things. I was sat by the pool making notes (in my trusted note book) whilst working on the tan! At the time I remember thinking what a wonderful place to be doing work and if only it could always be like this clear blue skies and a clear pool to cool off in at a moments notice. Monday morning arrived and I was back at my desk ready and raring to go I open up my note book, I have to do a double take, do I have the right book? All of my notes have disappeared!!! There are just fragments of writing left….. all my notes have gone!!!! I could not believe it. The pen I had used to make my notes was one that you could rub out, it would seem that extreme heat does the same. All my notes from the start of building the company have disappeared. So note to self always use a ballpoint pen or store it on Evernote!!!

After recovering from that little shock, I got on with catching up with everyone and normal business had resumed. My main focus this week was ensuring the Website was finalised, working on developing strong strategic relationships and finalising the marketing strategy.

So let me tell you what happened with the Website!! Well………. where do I begin? I engaged with a company to develop my website at the beginning of June. The first draft was shocking, I struggled to say anything positive about it which is unlike me as my glass is always half full! So after spending time briefing them all over again they said they would go back to the drawing board to look at it and come back with something that fitted the brief, slightly frustrating but I do understand these things do happen.

I then received an email from one of my contacts to say my website was coming up as a cable TV company…… I checked and sure enough something that did not even remotely resemble my website is there in its place. I try and get hold of the company and there’s no response so I send an email.

Later that day I have an email from the company that is doing my insurance to say the underwriters are withdrawing my cover as my website says that I am doing regulated FCA work and they had quoted lines from my website!!! My immediate response was my website is not live yet so not sure what the underwriters are looking at, it must be a mistake. However it was not a mistake, it turns out the draft website they had created was now live!!!!!! It was not finished, the wording was what they had populated, along with lots of latin to fill in the blanks!!!!!! What on earth was going on. Again tried to call but there was no response so I emailed them.

So now I have a website that is terrible, live but and ha the wrong information on there!!

I woke up this morning with an email from the web designer saying ………

“Apologies for not being able to respond to your enquiries today as quickly as you would have liked. I have looked at the site and your website appears to be live so I cannot see this alternative website. We have seen this happen on the odd occasions and when we have investigated with the host servers it appears to have been a glitch and has normally sorted itself out before any action can be taken. It is rare, but it has happened on the odd occasion and is something that is beyond our control until we are aware of it and able to raise it with the hosts.

The site was initially put live so that you could view it and provide feedback – once we get feedback then if requested we are happy to make the site hidden again for you which we have now done.

Regarding your recent feedback and our conversation about timescales. Unfortunately at the moment we have an increase in workload combined with a staff shortage and so we have made the decision that we cannot take on any new projects as we have to concentrate on our existing clients as a priority.

I’m afraid therefore we are realistically not able to fulfill your website design project for you within any reasonable timescale. I can only apologise for this, X is managing the vast majority of our customers requirements and our limited web design resource at the moment for new build and management of websites.

This is not an easy email to write, we value our customers and want to look after them as a priority, I would rather have let you know by telephone and I will give you a call this morning as a priority but I wanted to let you know as soon as possible.

In light of being unable to continue with this project we will refund all the money you have paid us in full and you can take all of the work we have so far done for you free of charge for another web designer to develop if you wish. We are unable to help you at the moment but we do not want to make your task of finding a new web designer any more difficult that it already will be.

Once again, please accept my apologies for this news, we can discuss the details of any transfer of information/web design work/hosting with you and will help where we can.”

So this company that committed to doing a website back at the beginning of June has now let me down. So I am spending most of Friday talking to alternative providers. There are so many I have been inundated with people offering their services! So it’s back to the drawing board. It has also delayed my marketing activity that I am planning on doing as I don’t have a live website!! What a week!!

So on a more positive note….. Strategic partners, I have being looking for a like minded company to work with were we compliment our offerings to help multually grow our businesses. It is surprising how many companies are not open to this approach or do not have the same ethics! However, I have spoken with two very interesting companies that hopefully will come to fruition.

Finally demo’s of the new app for employee engagement are in full flow and it was so exciting to see and hear the positive feedback.

In summary, this week is a week of mixed emotions, the website discussion are underway and I am hopeful something will be done soon. The business is moving along at the rate I would expect and the employee app is doing far better than I could have hoped for. I am looking forward to the weekend and trying to relax! However I am sure it will be more of a working weekend!!

Have a wonderful week.