Welcome back everyone and hello to my first time readers.

Well what a few weeks….. On my last post I spoke of the disaster which was the website….. Lucky I have found someone to do it and work is now underway. It gave me an interesting insight as to how we choose who we work with. My post had over 48,000 views, 253 comments and 66 likes and its still going. How do you choose who to work with? They all had solutions to my problems, all claiming they could do the best for us, how do we choose? In the end I ended up choosing someone I knew. I spoke with quite a few companies but none of them quite hit the mark… one company I called could not even speak to me until he had, had his coffee!!! Surprising what types of companies are out there. I thought the world of EB was competitive but I think the world of web designers is much worse!!!

I want to say a big thank you to Frances Cassell at Personal Assistant for getting the contract and we look forward to revealing the new website shortly (no pressure Frances!!!)

All this did get me thinking about how we reach out to our prospective clients and how to gain their trust. We know that once a client engages with us they love what we do and wish they had found us before! So I have been looking at ways to gain trust and demonstrate that we are different. One person mentioned insights or surveys was a clever way of doing this! Yet I am not convinced about surveys I have read so many articles over the last few weeks claiming things such as “employees would move jobs for better employee benefits” as said by a well known employee benefits consultancy! Are these figures accurate? There always seems to be a spin on theses findings to support the company’s sales efforts. All companies are not the same and I don’t feel a one size fits all approach is right! I think the way forward is to write articles that are informative and insightful not with an angle on trying to sell things! Lets see how that goes?

The other issue I had to sort our this week was my business insurance, I have spent weeks with one company going back and forth trying to sort out my insurance! It was becoming a nightmare. They could not understand my requirements correctly and as such I ended up walking away from them (prime example of how not to treat a client). I reached out to Damian Hayes at De Novo and they stepped up to the mark and within a few days had my insurance’s sorted and in place! Making the experience a much easier one. Thank you again Damian for rescuing me in my hour of need! As a result the rest of the group might even move to them.

Running your own business you find you need to have to wear several hats…. Business woman, entrepreneur, accountant, marketer and this week office furniture builder – I ordered my new office chair, and I was somewhat surprised to find that it arrived in a very small box…… I had to assemble it myself, oh no!!! …. Surrounded by an office of men they took great delight in watching me build my own chair!!! Needless to say I did not need any help in doing it and the end result was worth it!(I am not stubborn)

We have decided to attend this years EB Live event in October. I am pleased to announce that Ross from Therapy Direct will be joining us. We will have some very exciting news to share and some very different approaches that we will share with you once its all confirmed. So if you are around come and say hello.

Overall, I have had a very exciting few weeks, I attended my first networking meeting in Clevedon. I have to say it was extremely well done and look forward to attending more of them. My past experience of them, have not been great ones!! Looking forward to developing relationships with more companies to add to the depth of our network. I also had some very exciting meetings with prospects soon to become clients. I hope to be able to share this with you in the weeks to come.

You might have noticed I have mentioned a few people in this diary update. The reason for this is we are so quick to mention when things go wrong but forget to tell people about the good things that happen. So again a big thank you to Frances and Damian keep up the great work. When I first started this there was that doubt in my mind can I make it work? The answer is YES I can!! Things are moving in the right direction and the outlook for CEB is looking more positive than I can ever have hoped for. Onwards and upwards!

Oh most importantly, welcome back Meg who returned safely from travelling around Indonesia. Great to have you back x

Have a great week everyone.

PS : Hopefully by the next update the sign might be up outside of the office!!